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Funding The Future

In 2001-2002 the Trustees worked with the United Methodist Foundation of New England. This Foundation, set up by the churches of the New England Conference in 1991, provides services that help to strengthen individual churchıs fiscal base and promote faithful financial stewardship.

The Eastham United Methodist Church Endowment Fund

In 2001 we reviewed and reestablished the Endowment fund for the long term underwriting of our church's ministry for years to come. The Endowment Fund is administered by the Board of Trustees as directed by the Discipline of the United Methodist Church. This fund exists by vote of the Charge Conference and is designed specifically to receive memorial gifts and bequests that may fund our future.

The Principle of this fund will be allowed to accumulate and the use of funds will be restricted to "interest only". The Trustees may determine what portion of the interest might be available as they watch "inflation" factors and seek to grow and maintain the principle over time. The Endowment Fund will be allowed to accumulate interest until a significant program of ministry, building, or any capital emergency may call for support.

Interest from the fund will not be used to fund our yearly current expense budget.

The Trustees maintain an ongoing Capital Funds Account for routine maintenance, repair, and depreciation.

The Eastham United Methodist Church Scholarship Endowment Fund

In 2001 the Trustees recommended building up an Endowment Fund in order to continue the existing Scholarship Grants that have been funded by a benefactor. The Charge Conference and the Trustees formed the EasthamUnited Methodist Church Scholarship Endowment Fund for the purpose of receiving and investing memorials, bequests and other gifts toward the continuation of our scholarship program in the future.

In addition, the Finance Committee has recommended a special Student Recognition Day Offering which will be added to the fund each year.

The Trustees hope that you will consider another way of lovingly "Funding The Future".

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